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Converting Models...?

Is there a way to convert models effectively out of Siegemax / G-Max?

Converting how do you mean this?

We're in "The Kindom of Ehb" Discord, and I was talking about converting models out of GMax and into Blender or 3DS Max. The problem is that the current method of doing so is exporting the model into an *.md5mesh and *.md5anim but I get an error with every single model I try to convert, about the bounding boxes. This is actually what I need to fix in order to properly be able to export the models out of GMax, and we were wondering if anyone on these forums had done it before, or knew of some other method of exporting the models from GMax in a format acceptable by 3DS Max or Blender.

I have a fork of a repository here that will allow you to export the mesh files into .obj format. Sometime next week I can provide the binaries for it - if required