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Some people do not understand cold.

When the two elves went for a bicycle ride this morning it was 42 degrees. So Kathy Too and I had several layers of tops and bottoms on and where still feeling the chill. However we saw two women and a man out running. The women where wearing short running shorts and sports bras. The man was in short split leg running shorts, thats all he was even bare footed. When we passed the Sunday Farmer's Market we saw a good number of people cycling home with groceries, wearing tank tops, shorts and sandals. Now any cyclist knows cycling in open toed shoes is really stupid, crash and you could pull out toenails or even remove a toe or two. I guess they where not feeling the cold as much as us being they where moving about 5 to 10 miles an hour, whereas we were moving between 15 and 25 miles an hour. Had to go at 15 some places because of the large number of Sunday Cyclists who pay attention only to the people they are with and their cell phones. Very surprised more of them are not killed by cars or shot by real cyclists for getting in the way. We had a nice 50 mile ride and a HOT bath when we got home.

BE and KT