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WASD movement

Hello all you Dungeon Siege veterans. My brother, my friends and I all grew up playing these first two games on my dad's 5 PC LAN, and forever will the love of adventure and cameraderie be engrained into my soul. However, I cannot say the same about its point & click gameplay, for that was the stuff of nightmares.
It was the cause of too much suffering and bitterness for us preteens, and the game truly paled in comparison to the solid and buttery smoothness that was Warcraft 3.
I always wished it could be different. I need more control. When I played Diablo 3 on the Xbox it just felt so perfect. It was boring, but the controls were intuitive and I could play by instinct.
Why is this not the standard?

Anyway, Goblin Slayer got me itchin to come back to these adventures, and the nostalgia was a trip, but goddamn playing a melee fighter is a pain. I died half a dozen times before I made it past the first tower to burn in DS2.

TL;DR: Has anyone ever seen a mod that changed hero control from point & click to WASD? Anyone ever considered making it?

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Re: hold position

Moros wrote:
It's for your other characters if I remember right, it's useful for exploring the map on your own or if you've forgotten something and need to backtrack half a level to pick it up.
...Or for your nature mage healer that thinks "standing back and heal" means "running into melee range" and gets stomped in 2 secs after the fight has begun.


hold position

It's for your other characters if I remember right, it's useful for exploring the map on your own or if you've forgotten something and need to backtrack half a level to pick it up.

So I've been playing DS2 more

So I've been playing DS2 more and I've gotten the feel for it again. I'm using the number keys to switch weapons, the move hotkey I can hold instead of constantly clicking, and a stop key to cancel movement, all to free up my mouse hand for better combat control.
But there is a problem with that last one, the stop hotkey. I forget what it's called, maybe "cancel last action," and it works fine, but there is ANOTHER hotkey called "hold position."
I thought oh boy, Warcraft here I come, but when I turned Attack Automation back on and pressed hold position, he didn't. It seems to work no different than Stop as he will hold only for a moment before racing back into combat.
Using auto attack combined with the ability to keep my guy still when necessary would be a godsend.
Is there something I'm missing here? A Stop hotkey I can use with Auto Attack? Or do people not really use it?

Ah, bummer. Well, we managed

Ah, bummer. Well, we managed with ranged heroes and melee pets.
I compared it to Warcraft 3 because it has keyboard controls like Stop and Hold Position, and you can use Attack Move to attack the closest enemy.
Has that or similar ever been implemented?

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Industry standard

All the RPG's of that era used the same movement controls. I have recently been replaying Diablo, and that works the same way, as did all Blizzard's other games at the time, including Warcraft. WASD came in with the platformers, (perhaps Tomb Raider?), and cross-infected other genres. And I recall that the arrow keys were used before the pattern was moved to the left hand, so that the mouse could get more use.

And of course, a lot of people will tell you the only way to control movement is with a joystick. Why confine yourself to only four directions?

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Hi Dominar

No I do not think anyone has found a way to go from point and click to WASD with the Dungeon Siege 2 Engine. I do believe from what I have heard it would take a major redesign. Sad