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Totally Purple Cycling.

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As I am sure most on my friends here know that my road bike is purple and my mountain bike is yellow. Because yellow cycling gear is very common I have always had outfits that match my mountain bike. However finding cycling gear in purple is a bit more difficult. However I have done it. I can now ride my purple road bike in a purple helmet, purple cap, purple sleeveless jersey, purple jacket, black and purple shorts, purple socks and purple gloves. Dance Dance My shoes are black (not really much choice in shoe color in my size) Sad . Monday I will have shiny purple leg warmers for when the weather gets to cold to have my legs hanging out. Believe it or not I found all of them on an on-line shopping site named for warrior women. The thing that is somewhat sad is every item is from a different manufacturer. I guess I am somewhat twisted in that I like every item of clothing not only to match my bike but be of the same brand Insane With the yellow everything is by Pearl iZUMi in the purple the jersey is Pearl iZUMi, the jacket is Carani, the Shorts are Garneau, the socks are Luccalily, the gloves are VEBE and the leg warmers are iM Sports and the cap is SheBeest and the Helmet a Rockrider 500. Yes I know the Rockrider 500 is a mountain bike helmet, but I like the fit and I do ride my road bike on dirt, gravel, and other places normal people ride mountain bikes. Wink

Well that is enough cycling news.

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Now all I need is a...

Now all I need to have a complete outfit for cycling or the 75 hunger games is a purple compound bow and some purple arrows. Oh yes and a mockingjay pin like Rue gave Katniss in the 74 games. OMG I have started to merge cycling, Dungeon Siege and the Hunger Games into one place, one life and one reality. (my mind must think it is better than this life) and it most likely would be.
Sad Elf with a death wish.