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[REQUEST] Save file format


me and my friends are playing the DS2 legendary mod for a while now and just now noticed that we were playing without BW (the two new skilltrees were not available). So the next time we want to play with our chars but also with another game version. AllSaves Mod is not an option because we have the steam DS2 with Killah's fix.

Therefore i want to hack the save files.

If i extract a *.ds2party file with the TankViewer2 i get these 4 files:

I already managed to copy values like meele, nature magic, strength ... from one "member_0.ds2" to another. However, the hardest part seems to be the inventory. Everytime i try to copy items (or the whole inventory) from one save to another, the game either doesn't load the char or it crashes.

Is there an editor to display ds2 files nicely ?

Does anybody know the structure of these files ?

Thank you in advance and best regards Innocent

Hi Ch1llz

There should be people here who know this much better than I do, but you do know about the Convert Hero process, right? Are you using it and still failing, or trying a complete d-i-y?

By guess is that the extra skills mean BW has a different layout, taking up more space per character, from base DS2.


Thank you for the response but this doesn't work for us.

- We can't use AllSaves Mod because we use the steam version with killah fix (to enable multiplayer and BW)
- Therefore our heroes wont show up in the "choose hero character" multiplayer menu (see screenshot attached)
- The option to convert is also greyed out (see screenshot attached)

Is there no one who played around with the save games and knows how to copy the inventory from one save to another ? Crying

There is normally a block of gas code that contains the items in the users inventory. You should be able to open them both in notepad and manipulate them that way.

Unfortunately the TankViewer2 only gives me *.ds2 files which are a bunch of HEX Values. (can attach an example when i'm at home)
I have no problem to read any code, the problem is to display the files correctly Wink As far as i know, there is no new version of TankViewer2 and i don't know any other tool to extract the save files.

Ahhh. Chances are they in binary. I'm sure you can find a save editor for DS2 that would allow you to read / modify those values in a sensical way.