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Staring or Stairing

I went to the beach yesterday with two friends, because it was 75 and sunny and it is never like that in Half Moon Bay. Smile We went there to run. We ran from the Half Moon Bay Airport to San Gregorio Beach and then back. It is about 16 miles each way with an elevation change of about 463 feet, so almost flat. We did the round trip in just under 5 hours, if you do not count the time we stopped for lunch at the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company on the way back to the my SUV. Just before we got to the brewing company we ran up and down the pillar point stairs a few times (very steep stairs). When we where drinking our lunch (we got stupid drunk) we wondered if the race up and down the stairs was a Stairing Contest or a Staring contest. When we got back to the SUV we took a nap because none of us could figure out how to drive. Insane It is Saturday Morning at 12:45 and we just got back to my place. I let Rob and Jenna use the shower before me because I wanted to find out about staring contests and the shower does not hold 3 people Sad While reading up about staring contests I discovered this picture. Which is super cute. Wink

The still a bit dizzy Elf

P.S. The 3 of us are going to go for a bicycle ride later today, if we wake up in time Tongue



Aw, that is very cute. I like the kitten videos on YouTube that show a little puppy or kitten freaking out over their reflection. Plus the ones with babies also.

And yes, I said it. I LIKE KITTEN VIDEOS.

Kathy that is like so obvious. WHAT ABOUT BUNNY SLIPPER VIDEOS ON YouTube?


I have met the enemy and he is...a baby?