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Siegecore Delay

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Hey all. I want to apologize for Siegecore's delay. Originally I was going to use the old CMS. Then I was thinking of building it from scratch using react and node. I've decided on using sql rather than nosql, so I might just use wordpress for the time being. After that I can replace it with react and node using sql. It takes awhile to build a cms from scratch. I think now that I've recently decided sql is better than nosql, I can get it going with Wordpress. I think I'll replace Wordpress's frontend with react or angular after. I have to explore rendering in angular before I decide.

I still love Dungeon Siege modding, lol. I cannot find a game with the same amount of script freedom. Been very busy though. I've learned quite a bit about programming. If anyone has good resources (clever open source mods, tutorials, or documentation) on skrit for DS1 and DS2, let me know. Info on DLLs written in c++ would also be very helpful for DS2. I'm not advanced yet in modern c++, but I will be eventually. It's possible I have all the resources available, but I may have missed some. The ones I've read were incredible simple. I might just need to look at code. My laptop has no dvd drive, so I haven't made ISOs from my DS dvds for it yet.

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Just gotta get some stuff

Just gotta get some stuff finished up. Then I can bring it back in a new form. Perhaps I can find time to do tutorials. I never found a game that replaces my modding needs. I think java in Minecraft could be a good contender, but I haven't found a game as interesting to mod as DS1 and DS2.

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I visited your site a bit ago

I visited your site a bit ago and was curious what was going on. Thanks for the update. Smile