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Problem with one mod

Hi there

ive downloaded this mod

Can somebody explain why some features of my charr look like this?

-Im not using other mods
-Ive using Deagon Sige Legends of aranna version 1.50
-Im using Windows 7 64bit

Is there fix for this or can be removed?
Because a lot extra skins are glitchy.

The mod author put pretty much every single texture in the game as choices for the faces, hair, shirts and pants. Terrain textures, armor textures and so on. Some of these just won't "fit" as there are too many variations in the sizes of the textures and the way the character's face and body textures are laid out.

For example, a farmboy face texture is 256x256.

Textures like these are going to look a bit strange.
= 128x128
= 64x128

The other thing that *really* compounds this issue is the author includes the standard farmboy/farmgirl heads that you choose at character creation and along with these standard head there is also an option to use any helmet as your character's "natural" head. So farmgirl could have a regular ponytail head or she could have a head that is shaped like one of those wizard caps. Can't imagine what a wizard cap shaped head would look like with one of those plate helms, yikes.

Edit - I downloaded your pic so I could see it better. It looks like you chose one of the armor helmets as a head and a regular face, so the face is all distorted.

If you are enjoying the other features of the mod and are familiar with using the modding tools, you could extract the regular gas files in the world/global/skins folder and re-tank them at a high priority and they will over ride the modded gas files.

The other features of the mod will still work, but your character should look normal. If you aren't familiar with modding, I can tank up the necessary files for you and attach them to a post (the resource file in this instance would be really small).

I tanked the gas files to return the character appearance to the default settings, but I suspect this will mean creating a brand new character. It only affects the skins, so the main mod will still function otherwise. I didn't want to assume anything about your knowledge of modding, but I thought I would just prepare the resource anyway.

I hope this will solve your problem, if not please post back. Oh, by the way - Welcome to the site. Smile