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Greetings from the dark forests of aman'lu

Been a long time since I visited this blog, but alas it is still here as well as this site so there is some joy left in Aman'lu since it was destroyed.

Real life has been pretty much like Aman'lu... my mother passed away in April, she had bladder and kidney cancer and day ambulance came she had had heart attack...

Since then I have had to hire a lawyer to open estate and now have to wait 9 months if I can keep my childhood home, so I see my current life just like the elves in this game

I had to turn off dsl so have no access to upload or download and am using a phone for internet now

All this recent activity on site has made me want to mod the game some just to kill my boredom and stress, sadly I can't bring myself to play this game though as much as I would want to

Anyways just wanted to drop by and say hi to my online family, I miss u all so much :(======



Dungeon Siege Fanatic's picture

I’m really sorry to hear about all that Darkelf. Life can really suck sometimes, eh? But I suppose it’s also full of ups and downs too. The most we can do is fix what we can fix, drink a health potion and move on, healing bit by bit. Better things are to come farther down the road, though they may be hard to see right now, never forget that! I hope you are able to work through all this and clear everything up. I wish you the best of luck, as I’m sure everyone else here does as well.

Also, if you do come to a point where you can mod again, and don’t want too big of a project, I’d love to have some extra hands on my work in progress. Not too much, but whatever you can manage just to chill out and relieve some stress. If not, that’s totally cool as well.

I really do wish you the best, and although I’m sure it seems tough right now, it will get better! You got this!

So very sorry to hear about your Mom and all the other issues you have been having.

All my love to you my friend


Condolences on your loss and good luck with the probate

Insane Dwarf

Hey Darkelf:

I'm sorry about your sad news. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers.