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FINALLY!! A Cursor Fix!!

DrakeLyon's picture

So after awhile of not existing at all, I decided to look into Dungeon Siege 2 and play once again. I was just starting to get repulsed again by the cursor and "fullscreen" crap that came along with the Windows 10 Creator Update so I Googled for a long while. Right under my nose.. I didn't even realize that Killah released this .exe with his Steam fix. I checked it out and it really works. Dungeon Siege 2 started working fine on Steam. I mean, like NORMAL!
So I started thinking.. What if I can take this shit and make it work with the retail copy? Well, lo and behold.. a simple copy and paste worked fine and it was golden! Retail Dungeon Siege 2 worked like normal again. Weird thing I experienced though was pasting over the Vanilla DS2 .exe made it into the Broken World version. Still, somehow, it performed correctly so I paid it no mind. Though if you're only using Broken World, I'd recommend only pasting this .exe over the Broken World .exe.
Anyway, long story short, this is the fix that we've all been waiting for.

EDIT: I originally reuploaded Killah's files for convenience, but to avoid any possible complications, go here--
That's his original pastebin with links. Just download the Broken World one and take out the .exe file within.
Anyway :P

Please give me your thoughts people! How cool is this? When I figured this out I had to share it here lol

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Glad that's working out for you, DrakeLyon. Smile

I'm a little iffy on uploaded executables due to that most likely being a violation of the developer's Eula. I mean, just be aware that there might be a possible complication. It's pretty remote that there *would* be an issue, so call me paranoid, I guess (don't call me paranoid, it isn't nice). Tongue

Butttt.... I don't want to rain on your parade and I guess it's a legit "fix" for the problem if you got it from the Steam forum. I hope it keeps working for you and can maybe help other folks w/ similar problems.

DrakeLyon's picture

Lol! Well, regardless. I'm just proud to have found this capability :P I'll do some editing to the OP.