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New RTS Mod For DS1 and DSLOA Expansion

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So, I am currently working on an RTS mod for Dungeon Siege and its Expansion, Legends of Aranna. It will come with their own maps and yadda yadda yadda. What I wanted to know is would anyone be interested in this? If so I'll put some of the finished work up or email it to you when it is eventually finished.

I understand that really no one plays Dungeon Siege 1 anymore, but I figured I'd at least ask to make sure.

Lemme know! And happy sieging!

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Nothing would make me happier

Nothing would make me happier than a new DS1 mod!

Well, OK, some things would.

But a new DS1 mod is right up there!

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New mods are welcome

Any new mods for DS1 are definitely welcome. Be sure to inform us of progress Smile

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I still play!

I know it seems like the DS1/DS LoA fans are are a rare thing, but there are still a few of us around. I would also be interested in seeing your project.

RTS are a relatively new experience for me. I have one of the old Warcraft ones floating around the house somewhere but never really played it much. A DS version seems very cool.

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New RTS Mod For DS1 and DSLOA

New RTS Mod For DS1 and DSLOA Expansion

Yes I always be interested by new mod/mods for DS LOA. Just put more details here and eventually put the file here (The maximum upload size is 10 MB). Wait and See