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New RTS Mod For DS1 and DSLOA Expansion

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So, I am currently working on an RTS mod for Dungeon Siege and its Expansion, Legends of Aranna. It will come with their own maps and yadda yadda yadda. What I wanted to know is would anyone be interested in this? If so I'll put some of the finished work up or email it to you when it is eventually finished.

I understand that really no one plays Dungeon Siege 1 anymore, but I figured I'd at least ask to make sure.

Lemme know! And happy sieging!

New RTS Mod For DS1 and DSLOA Expansion

Yes I always be interested by new mod/mods for DS LOA. Just put more details here and eventually put the file here (The maximum upload size is 10 MB). Wait and See

I know it seems like the DS1/DS LoA fans are are a rare thing, but there are still a few of us around. I would also be interested in seeing your project.

RTS are a relatively new experience for me. I have one of the old Warcraft ones floating around the house somewhere but never really played it much. A DS version seems very cool.

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Any new mods for DS1 are definitely welcome. Be sure to inform us of progress Smile

Nothing would make me happier than a new DS1 mod!

Well, OK, some things would.

But a new DS1 mod is right up there!

Cheer new mod new mod Cheer

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Awesome to hear it! It will probably be while until I release anything, I'm thinking like mid to late July; mostly due to the fact that I've got two other mods and siegelet projects going on too, just to keep my brain from becoming fed up with one project. I'll let you guys know as soon as something is close to being released and probably have a thread for bugs and feedback.

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Well, not I've once again switched mods/siegelets, so it'll take a little longer for this one to be released. Sorry if you guys were counting on it, but I've shifted a lot of my attention to my other mod, 'The Island'. I'll let you guys know if anything changes though.