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What a change in the weather! Yesterday it was 74 degrees F, sunny and no wind at all. Today 49 degrees, cloudy and 25 mile an hour wind. I did not go for a bicycle ride, run or even a walk around the hood. Was afraid I would blow away like a kite with a broken string! Crying The weather forecast for the entire week looks sucky. I will find Thor and give him a kick in the ass! Dwarf




kathycf's picture

Over here in Massachusetts the forecast is predicting there may be a record high temp on Tuesday or Wednesday. It will be in the 60s and might even push into the 70s. Cheer Smile

I'm not really gloating, though. Okay, maybe a little. But it was so damn cold a month ago!

Don't you mean Windsday Tongue

Ohio is getting the wind tonight into Tuesday
(the crocuses are already coming up Shock )


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Philadelphia region had snow on Saturday night and expects record high on Tuesday. Then it will probably change its mind again.