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What a change in the weather! Yesterday it was 74 degrees F, sunny and no wind at all. Today 49 degrees, cloudy and 25 mile an hour wind. I did not go for a bicycle ride, run or even a walk around the hood. Was afraid I would blow away like a kite with a broken string! Sad( The weather forecast for the entire week looks sucky. I will find Thor and give him a kick in the ass! Dwarf


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Similar here

Philadelphia region had snow on Saturday night and expects record high on Tuesday. Then it will probably change its mind again.

Don't you mean Windsday

Don't you mean Windsday Tongue

Ohio is getting the wind tonight into Tuesday
(the crocuses are already coming up Shock )


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Windy? Not so much here *grin*

Over here in Massachusetts the forecast is predicting there may be a record high temp on Tuesday or Wednesday. It will be in the 60s and might even push into the 70s. Cheer Smile

I'm not really gloating, though. Okay, maybe a little. But it was so damn cold a month ago!