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.ASP Viewer Not Working Windows 7 64bit

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So far 64bit Windows 7 as given me some problems.
Among others, the ASP viewer fails to open.
Says it can't read the objects.dsres
Has anyone ever experienced this problem on 64bit?

I am assuming that it is the 64bit because old games
install to the (x86) version of program files,
maybe that's whats doing it?

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Try running...

Try running it under different compatibilities. All the old stuff should work in Windows 10.

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Backup your registry

(and I hope not to be a dummy) lol 

Make a backup of your registry before you tinker. Just standard advice.
But I can tell you are pretty intelligent anyways.
Unlike me who sometimes has to learn the hard way.

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Re: Asp viewer problems w/ win7

I had the same problem with asp viewer in win7 64bit. Since I had the "upgrade" to win10 foisted on me last spring, I have not bothered to try it again. I will have to give your fix a try.

(and I hope not to be a dummy) lol Laughing out loud

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Oh WOW6432NODE was the problem


So 64bit machines (At least Windows7) has a differential for 32 bit programs.
It appeared that the registries for 32 bit programs are relocated to a
wow6432node section.
But my DS1 and LOA registry was not added there.
It was installing were it was suppose to (as on 32bit machine)
I only discovered it because my DS2 keys were located in the wow6432node location.

When I ran .ASP Viewer it would look into the registry for my installation of DS1.
And it wasn't finding it. Even though I could see it.
My 64bit machine was sending the asp viewer's check to the wow6432node location,
instead of the normal location it looked under my 32 bit environment.

There were many options, most notably reinstall my DS1 and see if the registry finally writes to the wow6432node location.
Which is a bummer after installing bunches of mods and stuff.
And what if it still didn't write it correctly? (or correctly for a 64 environment)
So I copied the registry values (where they are suppose to be if it were a 32 bit environment)
and rewrote them for this new wow6432node location,
and vuala, ASP viewer and Node viewer finally work.

So if anyone is running DS1 on a 64bit machine and can't get ASP or NODE viewer to run,
try seeing if your registry for DS1 is in the wow6432node area.
If not then manually write it by saving a copy of the keys from where you can find it.
Then edit it to be in the wow6432node location,
and re-merge it back.

Warning: Do not mess up your computer. The registry is pretty powerful. Doing the wrong thing in the registry can ruin your computer. Only follow the work around if you know what I even meant by the above terms. Don't be a dummy.