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Reaching Max Level

Eksevis's picture

I know I've mentioned this a good handful of times, but I think I've found a decent (and basic) way to go about this that makes sense.

- Obviously your first 150 would equate to Uber Level 150.
- Then your second 150 would bring you up another 50 levels - to level 200.
- Finally, your third and fourth boost it up another 25 levels, bringing the ultimate max level to 250.


- First takes you to 150
- Second takes you to 250 (+100)
- Third takes you to 300 (+50)
- Fourth takes you to 325 (+25)

Admittedly, this could make leveling seem somewhat faster paced.

I'm not completely certain about the level, but I'm pretty sure you can adapt the slower leveling pace by diving 150's exp by so much and adding from there, or something. I'm open to having the respective formula posted.