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rush hour?

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I am confused about rush hour. It lasts longer than 60 minutes. It also does not meet the definition of rush; a sudden quick movement toward something, typically by a number of people. today on a bike trail that parallels a freeway I was passing cars on the freeway. I thought I must be exceeding the bike trail speed limit of 15 MPH but I was only going 12 MPH. That is not rush hour by any definition I am aware of!

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re: rush hour

In my opinion "rush hour" is a rage inducing term that involves a lot of swearing. Not that *I* would know anything about that... Innocent

"omg, you ^&*#!^&* !$$%*#^! you just cut me off!"

Aggh, blarg and other incoherent rage noises ensue. Again, not that I would know anything about that...