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Wok Sign?

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I am sure by now everyone at least in the USA has seen and heard the electronic pedestrian walk signs. Push the button and if the light is against you it says Wait Wait. When the light is with you it says the walk sign is on to cross (whatever street). These signs would make great free advertising for a Chinese Restaurant. Let me explain. First you name the restaurant "Woksign", second instead of an open or closed sign you have an electronic sign that shows a person walking and a speaker in the door says Wok On In. When the restaurant is closed a flashing Red Hand, and a whisper from the speaker Wait Wait we open again at 10 AM. Problem is I will need some help with the MENU I would want it to be upscale and not pedestrian fare. The only item I could think of so far is Leg of Pedestrian with snow peas and pan fried noodles.

Tho oppressive heat has fried my brain. Really just an excuse as I think of things like this all the time. Insane


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some one suggested.

To help with seating. Over each table there would be a

Where the red light indicates Table is taken and party is waiting for order.
Where the green light indicates Table is open please take a seat. Once seated press button on table to mark table as yours and to call wait staff.
Where the Yellow light indicates this table is on hold for reservation.

They also suggested that the grilled food should be grilled on Car Grills

sweet and Sour jaywalker or

sweet and Sour jaywalker or Genera Tso's obnoxious skateboarder on re-fried roadkill rice with a side of pedestrian Won Tons.


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how about

Tempura street urchins with vegetables? Maybe Deep fried road kill with pea pods and carrots?

Shark see I told you I think of things like this all the time no matter who I am. Insane