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Someone forgot to turn on the air conditioner (coastal fog and wind from the pacific). Yesterday it was 110 and today 106. Right now at 9:45 PM it is 87 degrees outside and hotter inside. Sweating so much I feel like I just got out of the shower and forgot to dry off. I would go for a walk but putting on shorts and a top seems like to much effort. It should be cooler tomorrow like 87 when the sun is out. Hope so as I am going from not being able to ride my bike or take a walk.

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I like using the really cold

I like using the really cold freezer packs. you put 2 or 3 in a tray slightly elevated next to you and the cold air drifts down on to you


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Wish I had one...

An air conditioner would be nice to have on a week like this, but the cost of a unit for the number of days needed just does not work out. I could get the landlord to put a window mounted unit in, however that would make both my rent and electric bill higher. Sweating is easier to deal with than the outlay of more money.
Thanks for the tip about the wet towel Kathy. I took it a step farther, I soaked two tank tops in cold water and put them in freezer. Wear one and when it melts and drys out, put the other one on. Doing that I actually got a few hours sleep.
This morning I looked at the temperature at 6 AM and it was 75 so I went on a bike ride at 6:30 and was home by 1 PM so missed most of the heat.
What was really odd was most of the cyclists and joggers I see every day between 10 AM and 2 PM also had the same idea. So 7 AM looked and felt like 10 AM. I will do the same tomorrow. Time to change my tank top for the from the freezer.


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Hot? not here...

That sounds nasty elfy. Sad A cool wet face cloth or towel on the back of the neck helps a bit.

It has been cold here the last few weeks. It was 47F a few mornings ago (although that has been one of the chillier mornings) most early mornings have been in the low to mid fifties. Day time temps have been in the upper 60's and low seventies. That is more like late September to October weather.

Now begins the rambling portion of this post...


Oh well, I am saving electricity by not running my air conditioner, which is nice seeing as the utility company I have is Unitil (the utility company for much of Mass. and New Hampshire) and they are soooo freaking expensive! Boston Electric was at least 1/4 cheaper, which is saying something since Massachusetts is one of the more expensive states re: utilities. Shock

I guess I've rambled on enough now. At least Led Zeppelin knows what I mean... Laughing out loud
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