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Dungeon Siege Community Sites

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I couldn't find one here, so I felt like adding a thread that gives links to Dungeon Siege sites out there, to connect the community more. For people who feel like adding any sites that are not listed, please include the following:

1. URL link to the site, using the URL tags.
2. Under the URL please site whether or not the site is still "dead" or "alive". Dead would mean that it is no longer updated, no members have posted for over a year, etc. Alive is an active community.

Abstraction Status: Alive

AraFF Community Status: Alive

Banshee's Dungeon Siege Status: Alive

DSEdit Status: Dead

Dungeon Raider Status: Alive

Dungeon Siege Center Status: Dead

Dungeon Siege Developer's Guild Status: Dead

Dungeon Siege Heaven Status: Dead

Dungeon Siege II Official Home Status: Dead

Dungeon Siege Legends of Aranna Official Home Status: Dead

Dungeon Siege Mednick Status: Dead

Dungeon Siege Nivisec Status: Dead

Dungeon Siege Official Home Status: Dead

Dungeon Siege II Broken World Official Home Status: Dead

Elys' Vista Status: Dead

Gamespot DS Union Status: Dead

Gas Powered Garage Status: Alive

Guru's Dungeon Siege Status: Dead

Herena Forge Status: Alive

Jaabu's Dungeon Siege II Screenshots Status: Dead

Killer Raven Warriors and Havoc Knights Clan Base Status: Alive

Lands of Hyperborea Status: Alive

Lazarus Status: Alive

Lurker's Resources Status: Dead

MageWorld Status: Alive

Mcarp's Models Status: Dead

Packmule Status: Dead

Planet Dungeon Siege Status: Alive

Project Britannia Status: Alive

Shadow Studios Status: Dead

Shadows of the Hidden Valley Status: Dead

SiegeCore Status: Alive

SiegeTheDay Status: Alive

Ultima 6 Status: Alive

Under Siege Status: Dead

VN Boards Status: Dead

Warrior Nation Clan Status: Dead

Witness' Mods Status: Dead

Zhixalom's Lair Status: Dead

Gameamp's Dungeon Siege 2 site Status: Dead

Feel free to add any more websites in the format specified.

Here is the formula for this:

*Where ever a red underscore '_' is located below, means you need to delete that space. I included underscores so that the full formula could be shown.

[URL=<website URL here>]_<website name here>_[/URL] _Status: [b_]<Dead or Alive>[/b][url][/url]

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Nvisec's site is still around - though no new content, it's still an awesome reference.

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Mageworld and Lands of Hyperborea are both still discussed in Xaa's forums:

And Mageworld 3.0 is under active development with a release expected before to long.

Elys Vista has active members, but the focus is more on some other games, not Dungeon Siege.

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MageWorld, Hyperborea, and Elys' Vista changed to active. If you guys find any other sites, please, by all means let me know.

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Unbelievable... how come nobody tells me about these sites? Now I have to work again. jeeeez.

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EvolveTom wrote:
Unbelievable... how come nobody tells me about these sites? Now I have to work again. jeeeez.

Most of those sites don't post broken world news...

And of the sites that do you have the most...

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Hey Tom, where's our weekly update? Wink

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sol77 wrote:
Hey Tom, where's our weekly update? Wink

Sad I moved, so my IP address changed... which has kept me from getting the assets for this week. I'm trying desperately. Hopefully today.

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Added a link to Gamespot's DS Union. Thanks for the heads up Tom.

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Thanks for making it a sticky.

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You bet.

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Found a good English website for Dungeon Siege while googling for some rare mods.

I give you, Dungeon Raider. This site is small, but is a great location for some rare and interesting mods along with some good tutorials. Slow internet users beware, this has many pictures.

I placed this as active, because some stuff for DSII was made, and this person appears to be working on project Abstraction, showcasing some creations.

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Yup, that is ghastley's site. Good call to add it.
I changed the link to the non-ip URL.

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Found probably the largest DS community I've seen in a long time. Over a thousand active members. Lazarus link added.

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Lazarus link added.

Yeah, Lazarus is pretty impressive. HUGE project.

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Updated: 12/13/06

Added some updates to the list. Added six significant DS sites, several still active, to the top of the list. Mostly just adding more 'deads', unfortunately. I will look for new sites.

Don't hesistate to post up info regarding alive English community sites.

Unkown wrote:
It remains to be seen if DS can rise back from its ashes and dissociates from DS2 and GPG.


I've given Dungeon Raider a makeover and added some content (such as a tutorial on ornaments) - I'm looking at adding an RSS feed soon, so it will be easier to keep in touch.

Abstraction site
Dungeon Raider

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Updated with Zhixalom's Lair; a semi-active website with a nice layout, flash if I'm not mistaken, good media, and good downloads, as well. Definately worth looking at.

Edit: Alphabetized it, too.

Unkown wrote:
It remains to be seen if DS can rise back from its ashes and dissociates from DS2 and GPG.

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Hi alll

It has been to long that i acces this site Smile

But i'm from the ara-ff ( community, and with conners project (aesir)

Greatt cyaa

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Hi :).

And I love your avatar :P.

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hehe are you dutch to???


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How did you guess that? Wink

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Heya Huib. Welcome to Siegetheday, mate. Ain't nothing like AraFF, but it's home. Smile

Unkown wrote:
It remains to be seen if DS can rise back from its ashes and dissociates from DS2 and GPG.

firebat wrote:
How did you guess that? Wink

Must have been the "crazy dutch people" part...

Welcome Huib
Total absence of humor renders life impossible.

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You mean that crazy glare that only firebat has?

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every community/sites/clans whatever has hard times, ara-ff will be staying in ds to the end and we are finding some replacement.. any suggestions ??

Siegetheday looks a bit deserted but when you find people like me wanting to post a message, it comes back to life, i like that.

well ive seen allot of crasy dutch people, special if your a dutch hardcore dj !! Smile


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*Waves to Huib Bloodstone* Smile

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Huib Bloodstone wrote:
well ive seen allot of crasy dutch people, special if your a dutch hardcore dj !! Smile


Interesting... is there any chance I heard of you? (It's not like I know a lot of hardcore DJ's.. I don't get much further than Outblast, promo, etc..)

Huib Bloodstone's picture

Hmm well tommorow (friday) ive got a session in troefke.. dj panic and tha playah will come to but these are the main dj's..

Being a dj is only a hobby for me.. nothing more, i do remix and make music but thats it. i'm not like outblast promo angerfist, delta9, DDA etc :P

i only have 1 contract and thats in my own village. we do ones a month Hardstyle,Jumpstyle, Hardcore and earlyrave

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Added Gameamp to the list