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Star Wars The Old Republic

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Star Wars The Old Republic Screenshots to play free up to level 50

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this gives some screenshots

this gives some screenshots of Swtor 5.5 new gui

I have made 300 with my scoundrel healer. have a few more in the 200s Smile

In November the servers are merging, so they are merging the 3 English Europe servers into 1, same for the French and German Servers..the North American servers are just gonna be 2 servers as well for a total of 5 servers.

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Not unattractive

Thanks, looks sufficiently colorful for a gray and dusty winter day... Wink

...hopefully I'm able to upgrade my PC before the first snow comes down.

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my Referral link

New players can play free up to Level 50 with no time limit and also receive the Jumpstart Bundle with boosts and items for faster leveling.

Jumpstart Bundle includes:
•1x Quick Travel Pass
•5x Minor XP Boost
•1x Inventory Module

Previous Subscribers enjoy seven days of subscription level access with unlimited access to missions and features up to Level 50 plus the following:

Preferred Friends Bundle includes:
•Unlock: Inventory Module
•Unlock: Crew Skill Slot
•Customization Control: Display Titles
•Customization Control: Unify Colors

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Knights of the Eternal Throne CH 1 Gameplay

Star Wars: The Old Republic - Knights of the Eternal Throne CHAPTER ONE Gameplay

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swtor 800x600 screen shot of jedi with inventory

swtor 800x600 screen shot of jedi with inventory

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new patch 4.0 = more fun

with patch 4.0, they changed it so u have a level adjuster, so I take my level 50s into a area that's for 18s my character becomes a 20 etc.. been leveling like mad went from 50 to 52 just soloing heroic 2 player quests... the companions got changed, and now have quests and can like the player or hate em depending on how u treat them Smile ex. some sith can slap the twilek companion they don't like or if u empire, and companion is more loyal to the rebellion they dislike killing etc. in last month I have even tried the space battles where u equip your ship with armor and can do those missions, been funner. I cant stop playing Swtor now, I don't even have the desire to play DSII anymore now.

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jedi knight character slots

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inventory cargo bay

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jedi knight's companions and skill trades

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T7 1/5 of jedi knight's companions

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jedi knight