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New Item Slots

I'm almost positive that this is hardcoded and therefore impossible to implement, but I still wanted to see what you all thought.

I want to shrink the two hand slots by one vertical slot, and shrink the chest spot to a 4x4, and make the two ring slots 4x4, move them to the bottom, and make spots for Pants and Cloak. (Since when has an adventurer gone on a long adventure without Pants?) I have the interface modded as such, and I have the new items in game, but I can't get the items to recognize the new slot types.

I figure, as they are "defined" in the ui section, I assume the resulting code that connects the two must in some way be skrit or similar, although I'm probably quite wrong.

I don't know, any thoughts?


Hardcoded : Yes.

Impossible to Impliment : No.

More Information than that : on #siegetheday with x0r

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Take it from Xmen, he know's his coding. Laughing out loud

So I got a basic prototype working for new item slots. Now there is a shirt and pants and belt slot. More news and some screenshots later ^_^

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Sounds interesting... :thumbup:

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Yup. Aaron's projects had me interested long ago, and I still am interested.

Thank you for the kind comments. I have the system working nearly perfect, the only glitch at this point is asthetic ( which is good because it means the functionality is entirely there Smile ) . As promised I have a screenshot.

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Laughing out loud
(I posted a response over at the GPGarage X...).

Good job x0r! Except for the art it's meh Sad .

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blasphemy! xmen's art rules!! :P

Haha, it sure does.

Cool, x0r. I always wondered why one couldn't have a seperate slot for shirts and pants and why there where no I see one CAN have all those things, yay.

kathycf wrote:
EEEEK! I dont know why this double posted!! SORRY!.

Np, gives me something to do for the boards! Could be from lag or caffeine /shrug -Wyvante

I have the system working nearly perfect,

Did you also get the code working that listens to the drag and drop? I'm looking at doing the same sort of thing (shirt/pants as separate slots) and don't want to duplicate effort.

Also I note that you kept all the original slots as well as adding new ones. My tests seemed to indicate that you couldn't eliminate any original ones. Any insights there?

I eliminated 3 of the 4 ring slots.

I have a working prototype. Lara can now get nekkid one piece at a time!

To get here I replaced shields with backpacks, and amulets with shorts. The game is still treating them as amulets and shields, however. I now have to find out if I can make them additional, instead of replacement items.

Hey, I'm not sure how this works, but how can I allow a character to dual wield by default in their template? I was talking to firebat and he said just give them the skill, so I added this to the template :

		can_level_up = true;
		race = human;
			strength 			= 0, 0, 10;
			intelligence		= 0, 0, 10;
			dexterity			= 0, 0, 10;

			critical_strike		= 1, 0, 0;
			dual_wield			= 1, 0, 0;

Any hints?


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Looks right to me... that's what I did for the recruitable NPC in my_test_world. Smile

Check Eva's template - she gets that. I expect you have it right.

welp ... I feel like a n00b. Had to do with template specialization, whereas one of the leaf templates had redefined the skill component which overrided the base template :oops:


Wow thats great!, Love the artwork too!
hehe cant wait for it to be done, btw how the heck did you get a lara croft type toon, ! O.O Reaper wants a laracroft type toon Plz tell this newb how too Lol

hmm * thinks Adopt a croft* hmm catchy