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Demigod goes gold

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Demigod, published by Stardock, is going gold and will be available in US and Canadian stores on April 14th. The price is set to $39.95 (assuming US currency) for the standard edition.

About the game:

The all father has vanished, creating an opening in the pantheon. To fill the void, Demigods from across from the mortal world must wage war against one another in a bid to ascend to true godhood.

Demigod is a real-time, tactical strategy game that includes extensive role-playing elements. Choose from several Demigods, each poised for battle with their own unique capabilities and awe-inspiring powers. Vanquish other would-be gods as you gain levels, increase in power, unlock the power of mystic artifacts and slowly battle your way closer to joining the Pantheon.


Update: Watch a video of the game.

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Here's hoping this will generate lots of capital for DS3. Smile I am very interested in trying out Demigod though since it seems like a well made game.

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Yes, I do hope it does well, and it does look interesting (not having ever played DotA), but I'm probably going to wait to see what the reviews look like before making the decision to purchase or not. Ideally, I'm hoping for a demo sometime soon. Smile

Demigod has today its US release.
Will we see glorious reviews or will this be another disaster? :?

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I just checked out the official forums, and there seem to be some technical issues being talked about. This is not surprising to me, but I came across this post and noticed that the Stardock representative posting on the forums put in his name and title:

Brad "Frogboy" Wardell
President / CEO of Stardock

The President and CEO of the game's publisher is acting like technical support / public relations personnel on the forums. Really... Wow. Not very confidence building.

I'm definitely going to wait for the demo on this one... someone on the forums said there might be one in about a month.

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Video review on gamespot. Says the game is lacking in content and doesn't have a single player mission. The game relies heavily on online play, yet there are problems connecting and finding players. Yet the reviewer seems to consider the gameplay addictive which is supported by great visuals and audio. You might want to wait a few patches before trying to ascend to godhood.

Seems to be the problems you read about, Sharkull. Good way for Stardock to handle them I think. Seems like the first patch was released as well but no idea how much was fixed.

Seems like the release is closer to a disaster than a success, Killergremal.

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No SP campaign (skirmish mode only), very few maps and buggy MP. From the post I linked earlier, apparently the networking code is by Stardock, but the other things are (IMO) big design mistakes... (my guess would be it was rushed to market for financial reasons).

Unless they do some major content additions in patches I don't see myself buying this one. No SP campaign is a deal breaker for me.

The voice-over at the beginning of that video reminded me of Total Annihilation... (an old Chris Taylor game).

Over the past couple of years since I started visiting these forums and modding their games, I have lost all confidence in GPG ability to create anything new and addictive. They were a bright, shining star when they first came they are just a dull twinkle. Sad

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I got in the demo, but it was so horribly bugged out I could bare it and uninstalled it. Now I just received a disk in the mail, after having forgotten all about it. Maybe it will be better I hope.

Indeed the release seemed to be a bit chaotic, however have you seen these shocking numbers - i mean, this was only 1 or 2 days after official release. Shock

It seems too many people are downloading every unknown mess - not that this would be my final verdict about demigod, it's just a bit strange because before the first patch you shouldn't even think on installing a game, nowadays.

By the way, Demigod really has a demo already...?

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That type of performance testing should have been hashed out in the Beta. Not anticipating warez (and handling them appropriately)? There's no excuse for that. Sounds more and more like a Mom and Pop / small town publisher the more I read. How on earth did GPG get paired up with these guys?

And there is no demo that I know of... not yet.

Sharkull wrote:
That type of performance testing should have been hashed out in the Beta. Not anticipating warez (and handling them appropriately)? ...

Absolutely. Although the disproportion may surprise, pirated software is nothing new. And if this software is an online game...
So only imagine once GPG/Stardock could sell a regular or time-limited online-key just to a minor part of all these illegal connectors.
Some kind of acquisition-amnesty for a moderate price - would help to get quickly a base amount of online players and push the sales probably more than the official/regular way.

Anyhow it's quite calm in the Stardock forum for the tact there is a Demigod demo now... Shock