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Supreme Commander 2 announced

sol77's picture

Japanese Square Enix are going to work with GPG and publish their Supreme Commander 2.

I don't have much to say about this since I've never tried Supreme Commander, I've always liked how it looks and seems to play though. Square Enix are the people who makes the Final Fantasy games so they will probably be good for GPG. Development has already begun according to what I've read so hopefully we'll see the game in two or three years.

Here's the announcement and a post on Gamasutra about it.

Sharkull's picture

Interesting... I wonder what they will change in the sequel because the first SupCom was quite detailed. I never bought the expansion, but the vanilla game was quite good, although the campaigns could have been longer. I can't remember if there is an SP skirmish mode, which would have increased SP replayability, but if the sequel is pretty much like the first, it is mainly an MP game.

Elys's picture

When a Final Fantasy Commander ?!

sol77's picture

Hehe I think you are onto a great concept there, Elys. ^^

Templarian Arch Sorcerer's picture

Supreme Commander is the shiz Smile
I play it every day ... perhaps a little too much.