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The heart of SiegetheDay is in the modding side of DS, and as we grow we want to attract more and more modders training them up. That is where this forum comes in. I would like SiegetheDay to become a site where you can come to and find information and help not availible on any other site. I want this to be the site where you come and you know you'll find the answer or at least be put on the right track.

This is the forum to post that amazing new tidbit of code you found while writing gas files last night. Just created a new animation? Post it here. This is a showcase of knowledge. Anybody can contribute too it, the better tutorials and really helpful bits of info will be posted on the main sites tutorial page.

Also feel free to REQUEST a tutorial simply flag your request with a tag such as

"[REQUEST] Elevator node tutorial"

Then post what you want a tutorial on. I'll do my best to write one or contact someone to write one. This way hopefully the community will garner knowledge that will be passed on to the next generation of modders.

Well all i can do is give it a look when some send me a question or......... So i'm willing to help them out if they have question about 3d building, texturing and animations in 3ds max and photoshop.

So if anyone has any questions in that area ? write them here........