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Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have a dream, where DS is playable in multiplayer, where you can
login to the same server as everyone else and not feel as if it takes
5 minutes to do anything, I present to you DSMMORPG, revived and better
than ever. DSMMORPG is a GPL / Open source project that will allow you
to build your own MMO using the DS or DS2 client engine. We started this
project just over a year and a half ago and after starting it back up in
the new year we are stronger and better than ever. In the next few weeks
we hope you will come out and help us test our new systems and be apart
of a new DS experience.


Sounds fantastic. I plan on being there. :thumbup:

Sharkull's picture

Happy news for sure!

I think it's safe to say that I'll be there if I can. ^^

LoneKnight's picture

Sounds great!

Great great news. My system isn't working properly right now but I will def. try to be there. Smile

Giovanna_del_Arco's picture

I'm looking forward to it. Is there a site for more info?

saunds cool i think about it all years when i start play ds!!!!

shadow smile's picture

Just another reason to get back to modding

Shadow!!! Long time no see. Smile

Have you heard the news about SiegeNetwork?

What is the progress on the DSMMORPG progect because i was wondering... about how much longer do u think it will take to finish?

when is this thing coming out cause ive got a clan to reunite and i need to know when this happenes

Hey this would work well with the Dungeon Seige Game zone. When it is finished please register it as a host.

If you can host now or would like to find a game please go to
The DSG provides Game Matching service since Microsoft closed the zonematch servers.

Thank you