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What of Zonematch?

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I have played DS since it came out in April of '02
Love the game, I dont care if people hate hack-and-slash and click-to-shoot games and the such, this game is still fun (much due to the fact of Siege Editor)
I am wondering...
Is Zonematch still up or is it a desolate field of serverside info and memories
back in '05 before a mod hit my comp w/ a virus and i had to get and new one and my DS CD broke all I saw were names in Red
Do people still even play this game online?

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I haven't played on Zonematch in ages so I don't know. However, there are plans to set up a service on this site that lets members announce games they want others to join. Unfortunatelly I both work, and study at University level and have a multitude of other thigs that require my attention so it will be a while before I can get to it.

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I don't play on ZM either, so I don't know much about current status either, but I'd expect that most players still active belong to a community of one sort or another (eg. a clan...). I'm not sure on who's hanging out on IRC recently, but you may be able to find people wanting to play on #siegetheday:

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There's still plenty of games open at Zonematch.

there were a few on tonight..
couple with high-level chrs, though (70+)

- I only have a level 6 available in (vanilla) LOA at the moment..

- reckon I'll give it another try later on, with a stronger chr..

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Something else has happend with the zonematch,,, People are saying that the zonematch is down for good and i think they are right because the zone is 2 days down now Sad

Fact is iff you have dsloa, which has ds1 also,they are obligated by law to keep it maintained till 2009.

Do you guys know any information how this can be solved..

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