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Welcome to This site is for those who love to play or mod the Dungeon Siege games.
Don't forget to check the rules and help pages if you are a new visitor.

System Downtime

I almost forgot to post this..the server is going down for maintenance at midnight tonight (so, in half an hour).
I'll be monitoring to make sure it comes back up smoothly after maintenance is done.

Registrar Transfer Complete!

The transfer has been completed and the DNS settings transferred with it, so yay!

Registrar Transfer

I've finally started the registrar transfer of the domain to my account, so there may be a hiccup sometime in the next couple days when it moves over before I get the DNS settings changed on my registrar (I can't do that until the transfer finishes).

Website Updates

Since the migration last year, we have been experiencing some issues due to the new server running a newer version of PHP. We are currently in the process of fixing these issues by hand while working on a solution to bring us into a new version of the website. You may experience brief outages (white pages) while browsing the site, please refresh the page if this happens - it should come back. We are also now listed on search engines. If you are new here, welcome! If you are not new here, well... lets be welcoming to those who are!

Please Register!

If you do not register and post a comment you have to wait for a moderator to find it and publish it. It is not necessary to post the comment multiple times, once the comment is approved it will be added to the correct forum so the mod's author can respond to the question or comment. If you register and then post your comment everyone who visits the site can comment on your post. REMEMBER WHEN POSTING TO FOLLOW THE SITE RULES, IF YOU DO NOT YOUR POSTS WILL BE DELETED AND YOU WILL BE BANNED.

issues with site

For all of you new people and those of you who are long time members an update. As most of you are aware we have migrated from one site to another. The old site which you see here is still operational but with some incompatibility with the new server. So if you look in the download area and the mod or tool you want has no download link please PM bare_elf so that I can correct the problem and send you a link by reply mail. I will attempt to do this within 24 hours of your private message (PM) to me.

Aaand we're back! Again!

If you are seeing this, the site migration is complete!

There are some issues with this old Drupal version and the newer PHP version on the new server.
Add comments here with anything you run into that doesn't work so I can look into it.

The current plan is to fix what I can while working on a rebuild of the site on a newer Drupal version.
I'll let everyone know when that's ready for testing.

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