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help! sword of zaramoth

how do i hold the sword of zaramoth properly like normal 2 hand sowrd

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I guess that depends on how the model is set up. If created to allow it, having the sword's template set to being based on the two-handed sword settings should work.

If not created to allow it, that change, plus modifying the sword's model to adjust the grip(s) would be necessary. Of course, I've never done anything like this... I'm only repeating what I've read in the forums over my time in the community. There might be a tutorial around for working with weapon grips... if you can import the model into an imaging program.

look see how the sword oh zaramoth is held differently then the regular sword

Check out this Zaramoth Sword created by KillerGremal.

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how do i post attachments/ sceenrshot?

The easiest way is to use an image host like ImageShack or PhotoBucket, and then link it in.

PhoeniX wrote:
Check out this Zaramoth Sword created by KillerGremal.

That was just a test, so far i haven't released a Valdis/Zaramoth sword mod.
According on many requests if have seen meanwhile in different forums the players seem to expect this sword to be the ultimate weapon. But this sword as it currently exists in the game is a pure fiasco - it has wrong size, there is no glowing eyes effect (as you remember it from the video), also there isn't any cool damage effect to match the story in any way.
And related on the story the player never should own that sword - either it's in Valdis' possession or it is destroyed. So for providing it in a mod you should have a good explanation why/how it appears.

Sadly the existing Valdis sword mods don't respect all these aspects, as far as i have checked them it's more important for them that the sword does 100'000 damage regardless how stupid the sword looks on the char...

Form a technical point of view Zaramoth's sword represents a group of monster items that have wrong size when used as player items - indeed i'm more interested in the Hak'u spears than in the sword (also these spears look a bit too large/heavy if you would take them as they are).

One auxiliary way to 'rescale' this type of weapons is to use a (transparent) carrier item overlayed by an effect to look like the intended weapon, and generally that works expect of two things - it would be necessary to tune the common weapon effect routine to ensure that the overlay effect is applied on the sword when not hold by a char, also all shape-depending calculations had to be adjusted to use the effect model as reference and not the carrier model (for visual weapon effects that is possible, for light exposure related things like shadow silhouette i don't know).
So only rescaling finally would result in a lot of work for something that an item mesh creator probably could fix within some minutes...

could you send me the sword even if its just a test i wonder

sirwalterejr wrote:
could you send me the sword even though it is just a test?

Thanks for interest, but this is hardly possible because i don't like to release mods that are evidentally buggy or incomplete.
You must know at the moment the sword has no damage (all monster weapons have natively no damage), there are no magical bonus, no special effects and there is no shop to sell/buy the sword (only with the development console of DS2Mod/toolkit you could get it).

And this is beside all matters mentioned in the previous post...