Artwork and sound

This book is for information on creating artwork like textures, 3d models, nodes, animations etc, but also on how to add new sound and music to Dungeon Siege.

Please add and edit existing pages as you see fit (not this one though).


Music from other games in siegelets (and heroes)

Hi, guys. The title pretty much says it all. I would like to ask, what is opinion of the community on using music/sounds from other games in custom DS maps? I would like to use music from Empire Earth or Serious Sam 3 for example, but I would hate to be banned from the community for violating copyright rights. How do you feel about this? Is it allright, or should I avoid that?

Also, I was planning to adress mod creators, but since I'm already posting this, can anyone advise me on how to legally use playable gargoyle/elfgirl/goblin/orc/etc from heroes_compilation in my custom DS1 map, should I ever release it?

Thanks in forward to anyone taking their time reading this!

Photoshop tutorials

Could use some fleshing out and structuration.
Game dev communities I've been in often list many many photoshop tuts. So why not here. Smile You will be able to take aspects from learning with tuts and apply them to video games. If you got some list em.

Stuff here looked very fun(some nice short tricks)

This site links to a ton of photoshop tuts.

More tuts some videos and resources.

Game Related

The pixel sizes for ds2 are 32x32, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256, 512x512 . They can have any mix of these numbers such as 32x64 like you would see in some inventory items.

Seamless Texturing

I use a different technique but could be personal preference. seamless is good for nodes. Cannot seem to find the way I do it. Sad

Some skinning/modelling/painting VTMS Wink

Image Bump Mapping

Image Bump Mapping is a great way to get more image quality without a larger file size or memory requirement. Thought I'd post a helpful tutorial I found :P