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Windows 10 Creators Update

I have just installed the Windows 10 Creators Update and tested all my software. All versions of Dungeon Siege are working just fine. All of my image editing software is working just fine even the programs that where designed for Windows 98SE that did not work with the last version of Windows 10. The program for creating your own desktop themes has be upgraded and I find it easier to use, more like the Windows 7 version. All of my browser programs are working (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera).

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Washington has the DTs

I do not think the entire federal government has Delirium tremens as far as I know they have only one DT Elf

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never do this

In Spring time do not ride a yellow bicycle.

Wear a tank top this color yellow.

Clean your bicycle with an orange oil degreaser.

Or you will surely find you self being chased by things like this and if you stop they will be sitting all over you.


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is it just me...


Every time I see a person with a kid like this it reminds me of Kuato from the movie Total Recall

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No one has said anything in 48 hours

Very strange no one has had anything to say in almost 48 hours. Not even those that wear masks and carry chrome truck parts! The only things that might cause this I do believe are someone broke the Internet or I am on an alternate Internet. If it is the fact that someone broke the Internet it is most likely caused by person who thinks global warming is a scam and meals on wheels is cute but not useful. Maybe he is in the process of converting all servers to coal fired and there is a black cloud blocking my view.

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I was riding my bicycle through Santa Clara County, where the public transportation system is Called Valley Transportation Authority or VTA. All the buses have a big VTA logo on their sides. However I over the last few weeks have noticed refrigerated trucks with almost the same logo VTA and I thought to myself maybe they take dead people to work and on shopping trips. It turns out however the company name is Vegetarian Trucking Association. That gave me the idea to think of other companies with the logo VTA.

1. Virtual Trump Apprentice

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Weird Dreams

I am not sure what is causing the strange dreams, they are not really nightmares, but really weird. The last dream was like this.

A person, maybe a friend, can not be sure because I never saw their face and never discovered if they where boy or girl, found ourselves in a prison. We somehow got out of the cell block and found ourselves in an overgrown storage area with hundreds of rusty containers (the kind you find on ships) we looked around and found one that was unlocked. My friend went in and said "hey come look at this!".

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