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Screwing up the Averages

The average temperature in the continental United States is 9 degrees Fahrenheit -- it is really much colder in most places it is just California and Arizona messing things up with temperatures like 65 degrees Fahrenheit here today and 76 degrees Fahrenheit in Phoenix Arizona at 2PM today.



in a Christmas card

I received a late Christmas Card today. From a friend I have known since grade school. I was quite surprised with what the card said for two reasons. But first what the card said.

Friends and like Panties
Some crawl up your butt
Some don’t have the strength to hold you up.
Some get a little twisted.
Some are your favorite.
Some are holy.
Some are cheap
Some are naughty
And some actually cover your butt when you need them to.


I have a problem!!

As most of you know I store all my images on techie's servers where the web site also lives. I attempted to post a picture today, but it did not show up in the post. It was not browser dependent. As I tried chrome, firefox, opera, and Microsoft edge.
it does not appear to be image type either as before I could post both jpg and png. now neither works. Can anyone see the images I have posted?


rush hour?

I am confused about rush hour. It lasts longer than 60 minutes. It also does not meet the definition of rush; a sudden quick movement toward something, typically by a number of people. today on a bike trail that parallels a freeway I was passing cars on the freeway. I thought I must be exceeding the bike trail speed limit of 15 MPH but I was only going 12 MPH. That is not rush hour by any definition I am aware of!



I was shopping for some new tee-shirts as I only own 12 long sleeve tees, 44 tank tops, and 30 short Sleeve Tees. One can never have enough Tee Shirts. When I am not in my cycling gear which is mostly cycling shorts and racer-back jerseys I am in Tee Shirts and shorts. I do not own a dress, have three skirts and two pair of jeans. They are for places where shorts are not allowed or practical. Like nice restaurants and arc welding. Found some shirts with great logos.


Wok Sign?

I am sure by now everyone at least in the USA has seen and heard the electronic pedestrian walk signs. Push the button and if the light is against you it says Wait Wait. When the light is with you it says the walk sign is on to cross (whatever street). These signs would make great free advertising for a Chinese Restaurant. Let me explain. First you name the restaurant "Woksign", second instead of an open or closed sign you have an electronic sign that shows a person walking and a speaker in the door says Wok On In.



Someone forgot to turn on the air conditioner (coastal fog and wind from the pacific). Yesterday it was 110 and today 106. Right now at 9:45 PM it is 87 degrees outside and hotter inside. Sweating so much I feel like I just got out of the shower and forgot to dry off. I would go for a walk but putting on shorts and a top seems like to much effort. It should be cooler tomorrow like 87 when the sun is out. Hope so as I am going from not being able to ride my bike or take a walk.



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