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Blondin235's blog

Dragon Age - Origins

I say, this is rather good..!! :woot:

- especially for us fantasy/rpg-types..!!

- plays like a cross between Baldur's Gate, Silverfall and DS2BW
- brilliant!!!


Hurray, Merlin is back..!!

Merlin is back - ring the bells!!:cheer:

the second series is about to begin:

- a smashing cast give magical performances in this epic tale of Merlin's youth..

- superb tales of heroes and villians - magic and dragons..
- if the BBC export this around the world, be sure to grab the chance to tune in..
- and give your eyes a treat, this is just so beautifully made..

Hurray, hurray..!!

Merlin is back!! :woot:


Hyperborea map, anyone..??

Help!! Dwarf

I've lost my player-maps for Lands Of Hyperborea, they used to be here:

- in fact they still are, but only the "Thumbnail" is downloadable
- and it's virtually unreadable - Tarkus's links have been removed..!!

- does anyone still have the original maps on their HD..??



one of the elflings gave me Fallout3 for Crimble..!!

- it's like an adult version of Oblivion..
- and is constructed roughly the same, with main quest and lots of side-quests

- plays brilliantly, and despite it's post-nuclear holocaust scenario
- it's a very well put together adventure game, lots to do and investigate

- this is my Chr in Moriarty's Saloon in Megaton City - I'm looking for my Dad..


Merlin BBCtv

this is a rather good adaptation of the Arthurian legend..

- if you get the chance, be sure to catch it
- it's beautifully made for TV, with lovely location shots
- great acting with excellent direction and sfx, etc

- and the stories are very good, as well..


Blondin's occasional musical linkies..

I just love this, but it's a sad little thing
turn up the bass a little bit for the best effect..

- the string effects offset the acoustic guitar just perfectly
- and it's got a lovely shuffling Reggae-style rhythm..

- Gorillaz - El Mañana


Super Furry Animals at Glastonbury..

The Welsh wizards descended on Glastonbury this year - turned out a really superb set, too :woot:

fantastic Super Furry Animals at Glasto - live
- find 'em in the list, down the side.. or something like that..
- but only if you're quick...

PS - hope the player works..

BTW - how is everyone..?? :woot:


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