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Dungeon Siege 2

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| Pet Grow Level Mod v1.0 |
| by Rezzie |
| |

Contents Download Link --
1. Description
2. Usage
3. Known Bugs
4. Change Log
5. Contact
6. Legal

This mod removes the level caps for pets growth.
(ie The fire wolf doesn't have to be level 28 before it can be mature etc)

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* Mega-Set Modpack 0.3 Beta *
* Created for Dungeon Siege II *
* August 25th, 2005 *
* by *


This modpack is a compilation of 23 separate mods.

Each mod is designed to change the Dungeon Siege II loot tables for common monsters.

Upon installing a mod, any monster you kill will drop the entire set for which you have installed a mod. (E.g. Lorethal's Legacy). After you have the set, save your game and uninstall the mod to restore normal loot.



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Gurus Dungeon Siege 2 Mods -

presenting :
Gurus Wisdom Club gives over 5,000,000+ Experience per kill. You will hit level 84 in 1 kill and go from there to 100.
Used in conjunction with the Guru Level Cap Removal Mod you can reach 100 in each skill tree and be level 400.
The club does 9 damage and has no special effects on it except an aura Ice blast power. Once you hit the level
you want simply remove the mod.

Install : put the .ds2res file in your (game install directory) in the Resources Directory.

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Gurus Miniguns

<=-=> Guru DS2 Mods <=-=>
<=-=> <=-=>
<=-=> <=-=>
<=-=> <=-=>

Download Link -

This mod is 1.0 on release, it offers up 5 Miniguns for Dungeon Siege 2. This mod will not conflict with other mods,
unless they offer miniguns. This mod is unprotected so feel free to change it up , just give some gurucredit Eye-wink

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Dungeon Siege 2: Gurus Camping Weapons ReadMe

Mod Title: Gurus Camping Weapon -

Author(s): guru

Mod Version Number: 1.0
Release Date: _9/_25/_05
Mod Size (approx.): .005MB
Contact Information: (
Web Site: (

Installation Instructions:
1. Put these 2 files in your resources directory (the dropper makes them drop) (exist file makes them stay)
2. Run game, kill mobs , everything you kill drops one of nine new magical Camping Items.

Uninstall Instructions:

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Gurus Dungeon Siege 2 Mods -

presenting :
GurusBow . A god powered blood raged Bow from the Dark Overlord Guru himself.

Install : put the GurusBow.ds2res file in your (game install directory) in the Resources Directory.

To remove simply close the game and delete the file.

Usage :
Play the game and anytime a 'scout bow' drops (which is a common drop almost anywhere in noob land)
you will get my GurusBow which has red misty fog effects, 50 yard range, 1500+ damage, all kinds of other

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Valdis Sword

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