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Broken World patch is being worked on...

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DDSR Mithras of posted this news over on the GPGarage:

Some days ago, I wrote an email to the fansite support of Take2 Germany. I asked several questions, including the most important: Will there be a patch?

The answer is: Yes, there's a patch in work. When it will release and what it will change is not yet known at Take2 Germany.


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Patch - I guess not...

It seems it just was a standard reply for patch requests... Sad
The only thing that made it a bit more DS2-indivdual was that there also was a note added about a german language fix.

So while the first request was rather affermative, another recent patch requests by telephone was negative, and all request to clear the contrary situation were without any responses from Take2 Germany.

Personally i have some doubts that Take2 Germany generally has a lot (anything) to decide...
So i thougth if would be a good idea to ask in the GPG forum for a confirmation, they should know what they working on - no response neither... Sad

Any updates? Especially for

Any updates?

Especially for teh freezing issue in BW

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Always good to see progress.

Always good to see progress. Nice find, Shark.

Unkown wrote:
It remains to be seen if DS can rise back from its ashes and dissociates from DS2 and GPG.


"It remains to be seen if DS can rise back from its ashes and dissociates from DS2 and GPG." - Eccentricity