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Dark_Elf's 4x Skills 4x Experience for DS2 and Broken World

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Dark_Elf's 4x Skills 4x Experience for DS2 and Broken World

this mod -
1. advances a party member 5 or more levels behind main character level instantly to the main character's level minus 1 when they are added to the party. Original the code only advanced them if they were 20 or more levels behind and they would level to 2 levels below main character. example - your character is level 32 and Vix is level 25 in the inn, he should come out of inn join party as level 31 now.
2. 4x the experience you and your party receive from killing a monster. It also 1/4 the penalty for killing something more than 4 levels lower or higher than you. (This is to further help your lower level party members catch up.)
3. gives 4 skill points on level up

Author: Dark_Elf

Special Thanks:
1. ReadMe Template by Sharkull

Mod Version Number: V1.1

Release Date: June 5, 2008

Web Sites:
1. SiegeTheDay -

Files included:

1. de4xskills4xexp.ds2res (44120 bytes) the main mod file required for both DS2 and BW.
2. xde4xskills4xexpbw.ds2res (48944 bytes) - for bw users only
3. de4xskills4xexp.ds2resReadme.txt - your reading it, I hope!

Installation Instructions:

1. Place de4xskills4xexp.ds2res into the resources folder where Dungeon Siege II is installed. (Program files\Microsoft Games\Dungeon Siege 2\Resources)
2. if you are using broken world cd then you must also place xde4xskills4xexpbw.ds2res into the Program Files\2K Games\Dungeon Siege 2 Broken World\resources folder this file isn't required for ds2 users just broken world users.
3. Please use Elys Succubus Manager to play mods... can use regular DungeonSiege 2 too, but don't blame me for messed up saves.

Uninstall Instructions:

1. Delete de4xskills4xexp.ds2res and xde4xskills4xexpbw.ds2res from where there were installed, or use ds 2 mod manager to turn it off.

Requirements / Compatibility
Requirements: DungeonSiege II or BrokenWorld

1. This mod is compatible with DS II or BW and should work with most mods with some exceptions below.
2. has compatibility issues with other mods that modify rules.skrit (examples - arannaslegacy, hotfix) thus should not be used with them.

Known Bugs:
unknown. If you have problems please let Dark_Elf know!

Mod Details:
Single Player: Y
Multi-Player: Y All players will require the mod in order to play - see below for more about MP
Difficulty Settings: N
New Graphics: N
New Sounds / Music: N
New Weapons: N
New Armor: N
New Spells: N
New Misc. Items (Rings, Amulets...): N
New Character(s): Y
New Enemy Type(s): N
Modified Experience / Attribute System: Y
Modified Loot Drops: N
Modified GUI: N
Modified / Custom Map: N
Modified other: ...
Modding Tools Used: Notepad, ExamDiff, and TankCreator2.

Content provided by: GasPoweredGames and Dark_Elf
Other Credits:
1. ReadMe Template by Sharkull
2. ndietrich @ for 2x/4x XP Mod
3. mysterion for More skill points on level up mod.
4. Volkan for StatusChangeExtraSkillPoints mod
6. RedBirdofChaos for Exp Modifier and 2 Bonus Skills Mod
7. FreaKy_FlaSh for asking for this mod and the idea for the mod.

Permission is not given to use this mod's content.

All title and intellectual property rights to the content of this mod are the property of the respective content owner and may be protected by applicable copyright or other intellectual property laws and treaties.
Gas Powered Games and Dungeon Siege 2 are the exclusive trademarks of Gas Powered Games Corp and Microsoft. Dungeon Siege 2 Broken World is the exclusive trademark of Gas Powered Games and 2K Games

The author(s) of this mod accepts no responsibility for damage to data, or physical damage to hardware, caused by the appropriate or inappropriate use of this mod. Use this mod at your own risk.

Version History:
v1.0 - first release
v1.1 - retanked to 32767 priority

-==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==

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All the henchmen have the normal number of skills when first found or gotten back from the inn, but they do get and keep the bonus skills when they level while in the party.

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2x can be made by tweaking

2x can be made by tweaking the 4x, maybe I will find time to change it someday


Do you have a 2x version because 4x seems a bit too much boost.